Saturday, July 2, 2011


Jack and his friend Mike have different ages, one is a young man and the other is mature, over 50. They share the same passion: hot married women, hot moms, mummysex. They play together as MILFHunters: malls, streets, public bus, trains are just some places where they love to hunt hot women. They call it momsex or mummysex. They love to see these hot women resisting at the beginning but then leaving them enjoying their bodies. They specially like to grope them on crowded buses. Momsex on bus is a favorite game for our guys. Few days ago they found a hot mature blonde around 35 yo, with boobs literally exploding under her shirt and bra. They were not believing their eyes. She was going to a bus stop. They followed her waiting for the right moment, the moment when she will get on the bus. She left a couple of buses cause of too much crowd inside...they patiently waited. Then she will decide to get on the next bus, even if it was overcrowded too. They got on behind her and kept their space around the hot women, to make their momsex after a so long wait. They began to brush slowly their hard cocks on her ass. No reaction. Mike with an excuse standed frontally to her. The sandwich for momsex was starting. In few seconds, without being aware of what was going on, the hot milf was pressed between the two gropers and was getting two hard dicks pointed against her ass and pussy. Following the bus move, they brushed her hot body, placing for few instants also their hands under her tits and around her ass.

Friday, July 1, 2011

MOMSEX ! MUMMYSEX confessions

MUMMYSEX Confessions !

I have many fantasies of momsex groped on crowded buses and trains. Today we see a hot blonde momsex with huge boobs and a miniskirt getting palmed by a stranger on a crowded bus. The man wants momsex and is hunting this milf spotting at her from the beginning, at the bus stop. The groper is ready to stand behind the hot Mummy and points his cock on her firm ass....pure momsex !

Momsex ! Momsex in crowded bus, MILF groped by a stranger

Momsex with a hot cleavage gets groped by a pervert who loves Momsex and goes in public places as a milfhunter

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I just get crazy when I see a hot Mom in sexy dress. I love MILF hunting in public places like malls, bus, subway trains. Few days ago I saw a hot brunette with maybe the most huge and hot boobs and cleavage I have ever seen.
She was at a mall, going to a bus stop. I followed her to the stop, and patiently waited her to get on the bus. Finally she decided to get on, even if the bus was overcrowded. I found my place nearby her and at the first opportunity i placed frontally, to play with her huge boobs under a thin shirt with deep cleavage. At each bus brake I brushed my hand under her tits, every time pressing more. Look here...